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We approach pest management by balancing a comprehensive understanding of pest behavior with an innovative, practical approach. Based in Lancaster, PA our pest control company offers services to homes and businesses in Berks, York, Harrisburg, Dauphin and Lebanon County. To learn more about how we can help eliminate your pest problem for good, contact our exterminators to request a quote on services.

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Innovative Pest Control in Lancaster, PA

Find an unwanted, four-legged guest in your home or business? At Commonwealth Pest Management, we understand the enormous stress associated with an insect or rodent infestation. That’s why our team of experts are standing by to offer you immediate relief with effective pest elimination solutions. From bed bugs and roaches to mice & rats, our exterminators work quickly and efficiently to offer full resolution for your pest problem.

Exterminator Offering Comprehensive Pest Management

Many property owners take a do-it-yourself approach to pest control and insect removal. While this may offer short-term relief, it fails to provide many essential elements of effective pest management — including residual toxicity and proper methods of continued monitoring. The result is often a pest that continues to proliferate under the property owner’s nose — turning a small pest problem into a big one

That’s why it’s essential to work with a qualified exterminator like Commonwealth Pest Management. With 30+ years of experience, we leverage industry data and innovative solutions to eliminate pests and ensure that once they’re gone, they stay gone. For commercial enterprises, our ongoing monitoring services — featuring cutting-edge monitoring technology — allow us to intercept pests before they have a chance to reinfest your property.


Insect Removal for Homes & Businesses

From bed bugs keeping you up scratching to roaches causing your restaurant to fail inspection, insects can wreak havoc on your life. After decades of treatment with insecticides, many species have developed strains of superbugs — insects that are resistant to common pesticides. To eliminate the problem, you’ll need an exterminator who can think outside the box and apply innovative technologies to ensure lasting results.

At Commonwealth Pest Management, we believe in taking a holistic approach to insect removal. We look at the big picture, using our understanding of pest behavior to learn how they continue to thrive within their ecosystems. Our methods rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) — which combines a range of tools designed to identify and manage pests, while reducing health and environmental impact.

Our Pest Control Service Area

If you’re looking for an effective pest control company in Lancaster, PA, we’re here to help. Offering both commercial and residential services, our mission is to provide compassionate assistance during a difficult time, as well as long-term results. Proudly eco-friendly, our methods for rodent and insect removal are safe for your family & pets, as well as the environment.

Our pest control company is headquartered in Lancaster, PA but we keep homes & businesses pest-free in York, Reading, Harrisburg, Leola, New Holland, Quarryville, Hershey, Ephrata, Lititz and beyond! To learn more, contact us for additional information.

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